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Xinghuo Technology Win the 2020 Integrated Circuit Emerging Enterprise Award

Recently, Nanjing Xinghuo Technology Co., Ltd. won the “2020 Integrated Circuit Emerging Enterprise Award” selected by Nanjing Jiangbei New District Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park.

Xinghuo Technology gathers EDA industry elites and most advanced technology talents, and is committed to integrating traditional EDA technology and frontier science such as the latest artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing and high-performance hardware systems to create a new generation of integrated circuit design tools that are in line with the future. This time Xinghuo Technology won the “Integrated Circuit Emerging Enterprise Award”, which represents that Xinghuo’s technical strength and innovation capabilities have been widely recognized by the industry.

Ecological construction innovation, stimulating and accelerating innovation

Xinghuo Technology continues to expand the team of China’s EDA, and has launched the first domestic EDA modeling, optimization, debugging, meshing generation, confidence assessment, parallel computing, PDK and other product suites based on artificial intelligence technology, which efficiently stimulates and accelerates innovation.

Technological product innovation, facing the future to support digital development

Xinghuo Technology launches EDA products and technologies facing the forefront of world science —programmable adaptation solutions with high performance and multiple functions, and the first domestic new simulation technology to support domestic computer architectures. This is an important milestone in the construction of China’s independent research and development integrated circuit industry ecology.

EDI (EDA+AI) concept innovation, opens up a new path to overtake in corners

Xinghuo Technology puts forward the concept of EDI, which can simplify the chip innovation process and lower the technical threshold, making it easier to create chips, thereby accelerating and empowering the digitalization process of the industry. This concept has been widely recognized by the industry. Xinghuo Technology will increase its exploration of frontier technologies and fully carry out EDI research, and accelerate the introduction of more future-oriented EDI products and solutions.

Talent cultivation innovation, to accumulate strength for EDA technological breakthroughs

Xinghuo Technology invites EDA experts and scholars with rich research and development experience at home and abroad to jointly develop EDA professional courses, and cooperate with Nanjing University of Integrated Circuits to open up to the whole country, and jointly cultivate a new generation of EDA talents with advanced technological vision, and accumulate strength for EDA technological breakthroughs.

Xinghuo Technology will continue to combine its own technological advantages to break through barriers, continue to develop integrated circuit design tools facing the world’s frontier technology, and work with more industry colleagues to accelerate the construction of China’s integrated circuit industry chain.